Replenish your reserves.

The demands of daily life drain our resources and deplete our reserves, and we need to refuel and renew ourselves. Our soothing, energizing body treatments will relieve your tension and aches, rejuvenate your spirit and leave you feeling ready to face the world with confidence.

Warm Stone Massage

75 Minutes $152; series of 3-$435; series of 6-$840
50 Minutes $103; series of 3-$296; series of 6-$568

Surrender to the healing warmth of this age-old treatment. Heated basalt stones penetrate the deeper layers of your muscles to take you to a new level of relaxation.

Swedish Massage

75 Minutes $121; series of 3-$347; series of 6-$672
50 Minutes $82; series of 3-$236; series of 6-$457
25 Minutes $50; series of 3-$144; series of 6-$278

Unwind with this gentle, relaxing massage that incorporates light to medium pressure to ease muscle fatigue and promote a more peaceful, internal calm.

Therapeutic Massage

75 Minutes $132; series of 3-$378; series of 6-$738
50 Minutes $92; series of 3-$267; series of 6-$510
25 Minutes $61; series of 3-$179; series of 6-$340

Targets muscle tightness, pain, and stiffness caused by over exertion or injury by applying medium to deep pressure to relieve soreness, and promote healing.

Scalp Massage

25 Minutes $50; series of 3-$144; series of 6-$278

This treatment focuses on the scalp, face, and neck, and is ideal for those that suffer from sinus problems and/or headaches.

Hands and Feet

25 Minutes $50

We combine reflexology, massage therapy, and gentle stretching on the two hardest working, most neglected areas of the body. You’ll be amazed at the tension relief you’ll experience with this treatment.

Couples' Massage

50 Minutes  $194
75 Minutes  $286

Our romantic couples’ suite is the perfect setting for two. Our spa staff will help you choose from a selection of massage treatments you can experience together.

Maternity Massage

50 Minutes $92
25 Minutes $61

The perfect way to care for the body that’s carrying the baby! We use specially designed massage bolsters and pillow that allow you to enjoy a full body massage that will address and relieve the unique concerns of the mother to be.

Customize your Massage - to enhance your experience.

Sanctuary Bath Ritual

For one person  Add $48
For two people  Add $58

Sink into the simple luxury of an extra deep whirlpool tub, infused with a blend of healing mineral salts and essential oils. Relax and unwind prior to, or following any of our spa treatments.

LotusWei Flower Alchemy Ritual

Add $18

Your state of mind influences the overall condition of your body, including your skin. Rid yourself of negative, internal thoughts and inspire your own inner calm with a personally selected blend of flower alchemy.

Tension Relief Balm

Add $12

Our own blend of pain relieving essential oils and botanicals soothe muscle soreness and stiffness.

*included with Therapeutic massage